Konstantin Dzuin

Russian Rye Bread, light and sour

This bread is derived from the dense and chewy Russian Rye Bread recipe. I still recommend to run for some nice ‘икра’ or at least ‘докторская колбаса’ to accompany the bread. But be tempted, it must cool down completely before you eat it.

Rye sourdough loaf


Parameter Value
Loaf Weight 500g
Hydration 83%
Starter 13g
Pre-ferment Flour 39%

Flour selection

I tried different rye flours available on the market, but my favourite one is Bacheldre Stoneground Rye. My wheat favourite is Bacheldre Strong Unbleached White Flour, it has 12% protein.

Bacheldre was quite difficult to find during lockdown, like any other flour though, especially rye flour.

Total in formula

Ingredient Weight
Water 235g
Dark Rye Flour 197g
Strong Wheat Flour 87g
Salt 8g

Starter and levain

Starter refreshment

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Ripe Starter 13g 80%
Water 25g 150%
Dark Rye Flour 17g 100%
Total 54g 330%

Levain Build

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Ripe Starter 24g 26%
Water 141g 150%
Dark Rye Flour 94g 100%
Total 260g 276%

Dough Mix & Shape

Ingredient Weight Percentage
Levain 260g 150%
Water 69g 40%
Dark Rye Flour 87g 50%
Strong Wheat Flour 87g 50%
Salt 8g 4.5%
Total 510g 294.5%