NGC2024, Flame Nebula

NGC2024, Flame Nebula

It was raining the whole evening, but the radar showed some hope of clear skies in Oxfordshire… My friend was kind to agree to the adventure, and off we went.

When we arrived, the moon was set, and I chose a target for broadband imaging, the Flame nebula and the Horsehead Nebula in Orion.

This is just 1h05m of total integration with my ASI533MC (first broadband image, by the way) and RedCat 51 on top of HEQ5 guided, 13x300sec.

Edited in PixInsight: Automatic Background Extraction (function degree 2 and degree 1), Photometric Colour Calibration, Stretch, StarXTerminator to split nebulosity and stars, processed them separately, some colour saturation and noise reduction on the nebulosity, put the stars back.

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